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Christmas Greetings Message During Pandemic. Just thinking of you during this weird time of the coronavirus. Please take good care of your health and the health of others and stay safe.

Holiday Cards for 2020 The New York Times
Holiday Cards for 2020 The New York Times from

I hope you’re stocked up on cocktails, games, and popcorn! Shannon mcdonald, acting chief medical officer 'tis the season to be. This holiday season is a time fraught with emotion, grief and loss.

Holiday Cards for 2020 The New York Times

“on the occasion of christmas, let us just pray that the dark clouds of pandemic fade away and we all are able to resume our regular lives. Have your first holiday greeting cards arrived in your mailbox yet? If it gets there a week or two after, i'm sure everyone would welcome that little gift after christmas, or that little message of encouragement or. Don’t lose sight of true spirit of christmas amid pandemic, says chief justice peralta by: